Another Daily Spitpaint: Hell’s guard defenders.

Haven’t done a Daily Spitpaint in forever.

This one was for Blood Armour. 


Paint over by facepocalypse for a VR game concept I’m working on with LN_TAO and others.

New loading screen art for The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Painted this ridiculous char for The Last Stand: Dead Zone's Independence Day promo. 

Was a lot of fun, and the 4th July items are hilarious in-game. 

Graphic design by the man behind the Last Stand series, Con.

Will upload a higher res image soon.

Virtual plein air painting of somewhere in Tasmania

Experimenting with shapes, trying to get a more graphic look.

A few more collabs from this week’s CDWA event in Melbourne.

Although these ones were more like a Mr Squiggle format; another artist did an initial drawing and I’d fill out the rest.

Jacob Earl started the first, with the pink linework humanoid. Turned this into more of a narrative scene, also added a quick greyscale wash (in PS) at the end.

Darren Quach contributed to the second, drawing the central skull + headset with tentacles. Shin drew turtle dude.

James Paick drew the landscape, spidery legs and giant smileys in the last one.

Promo illo for The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Hey kids! Learning is fun!

With worm and ‘zzz’ cloud cameos from Shin.

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