Painted this ridiculous char for The Last Stand: Dead Zone's Independence Day promo. 

Was a lot of fun, and the 4th July items are hilarious in-game. 

Graphic design by the man behind the Last Stand series, Con.

Will upload a higher res image soon.

Virtual plein air painting of somewhere in Tasmania

Experimenting with shapes, trying to get a more graphic look.

A few more collabs from this week’s CDWA event in Melbourne.

Although these ones were more like a Mr Squiggle format; another artist did an initial drawing and I’d fill out the rest.

Jacob Earl started the first, with the pink linework humanoid. Turned this into more of a narrative scene, also added a quick greyscale wash (in PS) at the end.

Darren Quach contributed to the second, drawing the central skull + headset with tentacles. Shin drew turtle dude.

James Paick drew the landscape, spidery legs and giant smileys in the last one.

Promo illo for The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Hey kids! Learning is fun!

With worm and ‘zzz’ cloud cameos from Shin.

More recent collabs. 


Prehistoric wrath with space wizards and stripey snake: Leon, Shin and myself.

Mantongue slug and the water-happens: Seb, Sophie, Anne-SophieShin and myself.

Potatotation and the sinking of SS Bitcoin: LuisShin and me!

Monkey Mia, Western Australia, created for Virtual Plein Air.

The Armello Kickstarter went amazingly! Thanks to all who supported it, we raised over $300k and met all of our stretch goals!

If you missed the Kickstarter you can still get in on the digital tiers through our website, and score yourself some of those sweet backer exclusive rewards.

Anyway, here is another one of my illustrations released with the campaign; the wolf clan castle. 

Collaborative drawing with Sophie and Shin!

The Armello Kickstarter campaign is in its final hours! Go check it out!

This was a concept I did for the bear castle ~2 years ago. Glad to see more art released!

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